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Unlock the full potential of excellence:
People, Data, Processes
to create your organizational resilience

We specialize in guiding companies to establish a robust and resilient organization that thrives on the interplay between people, data, processes, and excellence.

Our approach integrates data-driven strategies with organizational vision, values, and KPIs to achieve business objectives.

Together, we will redefine what is possible and shape a future where passion and dedication are the driving forces of success.

Welcome to a new era of business growth and excellence

About Dr. Dafna Shaked

Dr. Dafna Shaked has more than 20 years of experience in assessing, researching and guiding in a changing job market.

Dafna brings a strong record of accomplishment and proficiency in employee assessment, coaching and executives’ development, employee retention strategies and employer\employee branding.

Dafna holds a PhD, from the Program of Excellence, Tel Aviv University, majoring in organizational and career development. 

Dafna is a lecturer and panelist at international conferences, and a well-known education and career thought leader and columnist.

"The SHAKED Social Resilience Method"

Unlock the full potential of your organization and your people

Compass Pointing North

Organizational Culture

Elevate your organization with the exact organizational branding, To maximize the culture, vision and organizational unique message

Support Group

Employee Success

Recognize, develop and retain your best talents. Create a positive psychological contract with your employees and promote their uniqueness 

Waiting Area

Smart Recruiting

Be the best organization to attract the best candidates. Attract employees differently, according to your organizational DNA and mission

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